System LeoLED® Offset

Over 5 years of product development & the latest LED technology combine to transform the economics of UV LED curing. Fully water-cooled, LeoLED provides over 35% more dose and 40% higher irradiance than GEW’s previous LED models.

LeoLED Standard is water-cooled with a compact 40x100mm profile while extensive customisation integration is available to ensure our system fits your press. Furthermore, the system has a large window which allows for maximum light extraction from the lamp and delivers maximum UV dosage to your substrate.

Like all our UV products, LeoLED is powered by GEW’s RHINO power supply which uniquely allows GEW customers the flexibility of ArcLED without having to invest in a new independent power system. It is also controlled by RHINO control which comes as standard with IoT remote monitoring for the fastest most effective service response in the industry.

Also available in a Cassette version, LeoLED Standard is perfect for sheetfed offset printing machines and can be manufactured from 15cm to 170cm, with multiple lampheads being used in tandem where greater curing widths are required.

Why you should try System LeoLED® Offset?

Turnkey solutions

  • GEW deliver a complete integrated UV curing solution. Along with lampheads, cooling equipment, power supply and user control systems, GEW provides custom designed mounting and shielding for a seamless integration on your Press.

 Faster turnaround

  • Instant ink drying enables immediate finishing and despatch of jobs. Sheets can be folded, cut, bound and processed right away, reducing work-in-progress and significantly shortening lead-times.

Print without limitations

  • UV LED inks enable printing on almost all stock types including PE, PET, PU, synthetic paper etc. and bring added value and increased product diversity with coated and uncoated papers, plastics and foil laminated sheets. Unlike UV lamps, LEDs emit little infrared heat towards the substrate. This avoids common issues such as high pile temperatures, curling of heat-sensitive materials and loss of moisture in paper.

Ultimate productivity and peace of mind

  • No moving parts for low maintenance and no warmup/cool-down mean less UV related downtime, which increases press productivity. Furthermore, GEW offers up to 3 years LED warranty, irrespective of running hours.

 Reduced energy consumption

  • LED instant on-off means that no energy is consumed when the press is idle. The higher electrical efficiency of LEDs and the purity of UV output allow typical energy savings of over 70%, compared to H-UV or IR lamp systems.

No marking, no sealer or spray powder

  • UV LED inks and varnishes are 100% cured instantly after the LED lamp. Marking of sheets in the delivery or perfecting process is eliminated and machine varnish or sealer is no longer necessary. No spray powder is required, removing widespread contamination and associated cleaning and maintenance.

Sharper dots and vibrant colours

  • GEW’s LEDs achieve sharper dots, more vibrant colours and a higher quality finished product.

30W / cm²*

*Measured under standard GEW lab conditions with a standard lamphead configuration

100mm x 40mm



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Read the LeoLED® Offset system brochure

RHINO Power supply

Military-grade design protects the UV system from damage caused by incorrect voltage, short-to-ground, dropped phases, mains spikes and lightning strikes. In the event of a serious mains disruption, the system powers down in a safe mode. RHINO is designed to run in the harshest conditions and at ambient temperatures of up to 40°C. The system is unaffected by dust, ink mist and other contaminants.

With intelligent power management the current draw is balanced and harmonic distortion is minimised, reducing energy demand.

A compact cabinet houses power supplies for up to 6 lamps and provides perfect cooling, atmospheric protection and mains power distribution.

Using GEW’s embedded service package gives total confidence in the reliability of GEW power electronics and minimises unplanned maintenance costs. GEW is the only UV supplier to offer this level of warranty.


Using GEW’s embedded service package gives total confidence in the reliability of GEW power electronics and minimises unplanned maintenance costs. GEW is the only UV supplier to offer this level of warranty.

Regular reports are generated, detailing energy usage, uptime percentage and system performance. The Event Log continually records system use and operating parameters, ensuring the system is working at peak efficiency at all times.

The RHINO control automatically logs energy use and displays it on screen at the touch of a button, showing kWh consumption in operation, at idle and % production uptime.